Parent Involvement Committee - District/School

The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is a group of student family members and community members that meet monthly to discuss upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, organizing and planning of school functions, elementary school literacy and family nights, decorating for special events and assemblies, and creating a welcoming environment in all of our schools

This group works closely with the NAS Fallon School Liaison Officer, Churchill County Library, Lahontan Valley News, the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe, the Churchill Community Coalition, and many other local organizations.

Community collaboration is crucial in keeping our community members and groups active in our School District!

Each school has a Parent Involvement Committee that meets either monthly or quarterly. These parent meetings are held at the school's location (date and time to be determined by the Principal and PIC). This committee works directly at the school keeping Parent Involvement at the forefront of their mission for the overall benefit of Parents and Students. Contact your school site to find out when their meetings are being held.

How to Volunteer

Schools are open and inviting to parents and families and are actively seeking parental support and assistance for school programs.  To ensure the safety of all students, volunteer applications are required.

Volunteering is easy! Simply contact your child's school and ask for a volunteer form, or download it here! Then, take your completed form and valid ID to the office at your child's school for processing. The school will notify you once your application has been approved. This form is a simple background check that will clear you to be actively involved in your school. Contact your school regularly and let them know when you are free to volunteer. If you would like to volunteer on any district or school committees, let the school principal know or contact the Public Information Officer, Kaitlin Ritchie.

Parent Involvement: It's for the kids!

Parent involvement is an integral part of our students' growth and development at Churchill County School District (ChurchillCSD). From pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, studies have shown that students with involved parents/guardians achieve more, perform higher academically, have better attendance, accomplish goals, and are more likely to attend college or trade schools after graduation. We encourage parents/guardians to be involved in any way they are able. Programs such as Infinite Campus and Google Classroom are excellent ways of keeping up with your student's assignments and projects. Volunteering in the school is also a great way to show support.

ChurchillCSD offers an open door policy when it comes to parent volunteers. There is a simple and FREE application process. Once your application is approved, you can volunteer as often as you are able. You can pick up the application at any one of our schools or you can download it here! As your children grow older, active family engagement at home and in the schools is just as important in the middle and high school years as it is in the elementary levels. Kids of all ages enjoy seeing their parents/guardians active in their lives, and studies show that those students perform better overall behaviorally, socially, and academically.

Many believe that parent involvement means solely being active in the school; however, it is so much more than that. Though our schools are always looking for parent volunteers, there are so many ways to be an involved parent outside of school hours. Family Engagement in the home is just as important.

Below are ideas of how to be more involved in the school and at home.

Parent Involvement in the Schools: Joint the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) Join your child for breakfast or lunch at school Volunteer in the school office Help out in the school library Help out at lunch time and recess Help with school activities Help the PTO with fund raisers Volunteer to be a tutor and read with students Keep open communication with your child's teacher and school Offer to be a room parent Help out with family nights and book fairs Help decorate for school functions Attend field trips and assemblies

Parent Involvement at Home: Help with homework Read with your children Enjoy 30 minutes of table time each night Enjoy sports and recreational activities together (music, exercise, reading/writing activities, walks, bike rides, etc.) Do educational crafts at home Connect with your child's Google Classroom and stay active on Infinite Campus Attend community events Do activities that interest your children Be a good role model at home Encourage play without technology

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We are always here to help! If you have any questions about how to be more involved, call 775-423-0462 for the ChurchillCSD Parent & Community Engagement Coordinator.